We Condemn the Raid on the Headquarters of the Haitian-Dominican Women's Movement



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The Dominican Republic continues to abuse its Haitian descended population. The Haitian-Dominican Women's Movement (MUDHA) was recently raided by government agents.

This article was originally published on the Movement of Socialist Workers of the Dominican Republic website.

The Haitian-Dominican Women's Movement (MUDHA) has denounced that its premises were arbitrarily raided on December 11, 2022, by alleged members of the G2 and members of the Public Prosecutor's Office. In addition to breaking the wires that demarcate the land and cutting off the electricity, the armed agents entered without showing any authorization or court order. Once inside the facilities, they took video recordings and photographs of the organization's facilities and documents. MUDHA called on the Attorney General's Office and the government to investigate what happened and to guarantee the security of the organization and its members.

As social, political, human rights and anti-racist organizations, we reject this new attack by the Dominican regime against those who defend the rights of the Dominican community of Haitian descent. This is in addition to the impunity enjoyed for years by ultra-right-wing organizations that have directed death threats and physically attacked journalists, artists and anti-racist activists in the Dominican Republic, as well as the very serious human rights violations by the government of Luis Abinader against the Haitian immigrant community and the Dominican community of Haitian descent, including arbitrary detentions and expulsions of pregnant women, infants separated from their parents, arbitrary raids against immigrants, extortion, detention in unsanitary and overcrowded centers, and in extreme cases also torture, rape and murder by members of the security forces.

If public and exemplary sanctions are not adopted against the executors of this arbitrary raid, we will hold the Abinader government directly responsible for this act. We join the demand that the government guarantee the safety of all MUDHA members and cease the persecution against Haitians and Dominicans of Haitian descent. #UnityAgainstRacismRD

Signing organizations

Socialist Workers' Movement (MST)
Reconoci.doSocio-Political Women Mama Tingó
Human Code Foundation
Batey Los Jovillos Youth Group
Democratic Union of Women (UDEMU)
Research Center for Women's Action (CIPAF)
Committee for the Unity and Rights of Women (CUDEM)
Caamañista Movement
Revolutionary Left
Magaly Pineda Feminist Forum
La Ceiba
Junta de Prietas
We Are All Dominican (WAAD)
Compas de la Diaspora
Latin American Group for Feminist Study, Formation and Action (GLEFAS)
Sociocultural Movement of Haitian Workers (MOSCTHA)

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